Our Thing

In our increasingly paperless world it can be easy to forget how meaningful a simple greetings card can be, especially in these difficult times where we are unable to see our loved ones face to face.

Looking through our own treasured things we realise how many cards we've kept over the years, which now feel extra special as they transport us back to significant moments and to the people who wrote them. 

There's a unique satisfaction that comes from finding, writing and receiving the perfect card. Now the world has gone digital, taking the time to choose the right one, combined with the unique charm of a handwritten message, means even more. 

From celebrating big events and special occasions, sharing delight in everyday pleasures or just to send a hug of support to someone when times are tough, greetings cards are more powerful than we might realise. 

Our lives are made up of a series of significant moments, and we believe putting pen to paper is still a truly memorable way to mark them. 



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